Just Shoot Me.

The face behind the lens is me, Izzy Bouchard! I am a creative and versatile 
photographer with experience in studio and field based photography. Growing up, National Geographic and Life Magazine were my comic books.The extraordinary images captivated me and my dream was to capture a once in a lifetime moment that I could share with the world. This dream first led me to earn the title of United 
States Marine where my hunger only grew and led me to go back to school where in 2017, I graduated from Husson University with a B.S. in Video Production and a Certificate in Photography. After interning at the Home Shopping Network in Saint Petersburg, FL. and a few years of freelancing and art shows under my belt, I was hired as the Director of Art at the Maine Arts Academy in Sidney, ME. Where I taught high school students the fundamentals of visual art and photography. Through my life lessons and photography skills learned along the way I have developed a unique eye and will always exhibit a never-ending hunger to learn and grow in this vast field. Thank you for your support!

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